Friday, November 7, 2014

Live Blogging the NLEX journey

Liveblogging the NLEX journey
Aboard a first north luzon bus with route Caloocan to San Simon. Sent from my iPhone. 

At around 8:18 pm we arrived at the NLEX tollgate. Gate N16. Steel ladders and metal gates guard our way in. Our bus driver transacts with the toll personnel. Exchange of money. And we're in. 

Speeding through the concrete road. Pass under a bridge. A black van overtakes on the right. I scratch my nose. A red car overtakes on the left. 

I create another entry but time flips to...

Concrete roads roll  on and on below the wheels of our bus. Countless vehicles pass by on the opposite lane. 
On and on it goes. 
On and on. 

Concrete roads as before. Is there nothing else?

Still concrete roads ahead. I look forward and see the rear lights pf the vehicles before us. Red like the angry eyes of the devil. 

So there are trees lining the aide of the road. I didn't notice initially because of the darkness. 

Since when was the onboard movie playing? It's Hercules starring the Rock. 

We overtake a truck. Now a car. Then a van. We are speeding through. A pickup truck travels beside us for a moment. Then we overtake  it. 

We pass a billboard for Ganador Max. Whatever that is. 

A few minutes after i started this live blog, i realize the futility of this endeavor. Am i to miss all the monotonous sights just to type them for whatever reason? And do I give justice to the amazingly plain concrete road by converting the view into a bunch of short unimaginative words? Does my reporting give any value to any reader? And if i feel these way during the liveblogging of a     Massively uninteresting event, then what more for truly historical events like an eclipse or a boxing match or a very good massage?

Maybe livebloggers have other reasons why do it but for me i think i'm out. 

I stopped this live blog and enjoy the ugly view of roads and endless roads.   

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