Monday, January 16, 2012


If you open your television right now it's very probable that you will find a reality TV show playing. It seems watching real life on TV is much more entertaining nowadays than movies or series. One thing you'll notice though is how the reality TV shows become more and more extreme. There is now a reality TV show following the life of a sexy magazine magnate, or the life of an under-aged pregnant teen, or the controversial life of a controversial celebrity.

Soon, it will become more extreme. I thought some of the possible reality shows that may soon air in our little boob tube.

1. The Doctor's Apprentice

10 Medical Doctors are pitted against each other in a hospital. Each week, every doctor is given a patient to diagnose and treat. If the patient dies, the doctor is instantly expelled from the hospital. If all patients are treated, three weakest doctors will be picked, based on their treatment of their patients.

Slogan: Who will survive in this game of life and death (literally).

2.The God Factor

10 Religious leaders are housed in a dormitory. Each one can interact with each other about their own religions. Their goal is to convert each other to believe their own gods. If one leader is able to convert another, he will have immunity for the elimination. Every week, each one will undergo a very extreme test of faith. Anyone who surrenders his/her faith will be eliminated.

Slogan: Profess. Believe. Survive.

3. The Sight

10 fortune tellers are pitted against each other. Every start of day, each one makes a prediction on who will be eliminated on that day. When the day ends, they vote on who they want to be eliminated. The fortune teller who guesses the least correct is eliminated.

Slogan: The winner already knows.

4. Vegan Brother

10 vegetarians are housed in a steak and bbq restaurant. The last one to eat meat wins.

Slogan: You eat meat. You lose it.

5. Interrogation Idol

10 interrogators are given a prisoner of war each. They must do all they can to the POW to retrieve a secret information even if it means resorting to torture. The agent who gets the information the longest time is eliminated. If the POW dies, the agent is eliminated.

Slogan: Nothing is Top Secret.


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