Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pinoy Pangkalawakan: Philippines Joining the Space Race

Apparently, there were some proposals for the creation of a Philippine Space Agency, our Pinoy counterpart of NASA. I have many things to say about this. But I'm in no mood for a a long write-up, so just refer to my previous post for some insights.

Going Up!: Farewell to a Space-faring Legacy

And here are some news clips about this topic.

Bill eyes space agency for Philippines
Campaign for creation of Phl Space Agency launched today
Galactic Pinoy? Scientists push for PHL space agency
Gov’t space agency pushed
Pinoy astronomers, scientists to launch Phl Space Agency

Also check their fan page for more info.

I Support the Philippine Space Agency Bill

Some more references, including the actual bill.

A Fight for Philippine Space Agency
HB 6725 Philippine Space Act of 2012

Actually, we're quite close to having our first Filipino astronaut. If you can just ignore the blatant commercialism and advertisement, this is a sort of a good campaign.
Philippines to launch the first Filipino into space

Here's what made me research all these things.
I was making a paper plane trying to model it from a US Space Shuttle with some customizations to make it Pinoy.

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