Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zombie Survival Map

We all know about that that failed rocket test launch of North Korea. And we also know that it was just supposed to be for launching a satellite into space and not for intercontinental nuclear warhead delivery purposes (at least that's what the NoKor government said). We can assume that that everything is fine, for now.

However, what if in an alternate world, a different scenario happened? Let's say NoKor developed the missile and tested it succesfully. And they also developed an airborne toxic chemical that turns humans into zombies once inhaled.

I believe it's best to be prepared for these types of worst case scenarios.

With that forced introduction, let me just share this amazing Google Map mod called Map of the Dead. It is a map that shows some important places where you could stock up on supplies, medicine, food, water, gas, guns and ammo. All those stuff. It also shows you which areas are likely to be overrun with zombies and which areas could be safe hiding places.

I searched my neighborhood just in case the zombiepocalypse arrives here soon enough. It seems there are just a few places to get supplies from. It's best to be ready.

You can check the map here:

Be prepared.

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