Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life and Death and the Internets

Just some interesting articles I found at

Death, Facebook and Cognitive Dissonance

"Our rituals of grief have developed over centuries - social networking has been an invention of the past few years. How do we reconcile our ancient traditions with the brash technology of today?"

Mortality and the Obsessive Internet Poster

"The man had only an iPod and a set of keys on him, no wallet, and he was in fact identified via his iPod. Which is a whole other commentary on mortality and the march of technology. But our concern today is with another new Internet issue: what happens when an obsessive Internet poster dies?"

Life, Love and MMO's

"You get all your gear together, sharpen your sword, and set off to meet your friends to finally slay the dragon. Once together you formulate a strategy, she will die this time, and all the glory and bragging rights will be yours. Everyone knows his or her positions, and the plan is set into motion. Ding..."Whatcha doin' cutie?" reads the private message window...

Welcome to the world of the MMO."

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